Charity is a wonderful opportunity for us to give back to the world that we take so much from. 

More than 56 billion farm animals are killed by humans each year, and we can change this! That's why we donate 10% of profits on every item sold to the Tiggywinkles and the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.

See our Animals Counter to see live statistics.


    Tiggywinkles, The Wildlife Hospital Trust, is a specialist hospital. Using every available veterinary welfare skill, are dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating all species of British wildlife. Over 200,000 patients have received treatment at Tiggywinkles to-date.

    All British wild animal casualties brought to the hospital are treated completely free of charge and are released through a controlled programme, back to the wild, when they are fully fit.


    Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

    "We rescue farmed animals and give them care and sanctuary, connect animals with people to advance veganism, and advocate for animal rights in alliance with other social justice movements."

    Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary is based in New York, USA. This sanctuary cares for animals that have escaped ill treatment on farms, slaughterhouses, in stockyards, and at auctions. It also provides a hospital facility to sick and injured farm animals.

    School visits allow children to get up close to the animals and see what healthy, well cared for farm animals should look like. Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary was founded largely on public donations, attempts to have a small carbon footprint, and is run on a foundation of strong vegan principles.


    Us humans are also animals who live on this amazing planet alongside many other animals.

    It is very important to understand that we should not feel superior to other animals because they are here on this planet with us, not for us to dominate and consume.

    They are beings that are capable of feeling happiness, pain, fear etc just like us. We are no different to them! This is why we must do everything we can to help them, because peace, starts with empathy.

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