Welcome to UltraVe!

My name is James, we are a small team of lovely people from Perth, Australia with big dreams. All of our products are very unique and thoughtfully designed to attach some sort of meaningful message onto it. Our goal is to provide animal-friendly clothing & accessories to all vegans in the world, and at the same time, encouraging each of them to spread the vegan message to help really make an impact in this world.

Throughout my life, meat was always brought to the table as the "main stable" in every dinner and family gatherings. Just like majority of the people, I did not think much about what happened behind the scene, how the animals suffered through torture and then get slaughtered to get to my plate.

Until 2 years ago, I stumbled across the "Rich Roll Podcast" on YouTube on accident. It's hosted by the Fittest Vegan Athlete, Rich Roll, which I learnt about "Veganism" and was educated to the truth of the meat & dairy industry. They do not only cause sufferings in this world, they also impact our health and the environment in a negative way.

Stumbling upon Rich has led me to many other vegan books and research.  After days of soul-searching, I went from a meat loving individual to a complete vegan overnight. It was the best decision I had ever made.

These issues do not only occur within the meat & dairy industry, but span across to many many other industries where animals are used for entertainments, experiments, clothing etc. (Please do visit peta.org to learn more!).

Although I had changed to veganism, but I thought it was not enough. Why did it take me so many years to only stumble upon veganism by chance? Why is this so underrated? So I decided to empower other vegans to express what they stand for through their everyday clothes and accessories. Imagine how many strangers come into eye contact with your clothes on an average week, without speaking a word, our clothes could influence them at little, and then maybe, we have another vegan to join our family!

Don't just be a vegan, be an Ultra Vegan by being part of this family!

10% of our profits go toward animal welfare organisations to raise awareness and bring action to address these issues.

Happy Shopping!


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